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Autore Topic: I understand EA will not do it but what would be the things you need in Madden  (Letto 16 volte)


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Defense is simply incredibly hard for sure. You should make an effort to Mut 20 coins for sale consumer either the SS or the MLB. Be cautious with the SS though because if you mess up and do not cover your zone you can readily give up some TDs. I have been usering Tyrann Mathieu and making sure so I can use him to cover underneath routes in zone policy, he does not have a zone. It's worked for me personally. I'd 9 picks together with him one time. It merely takes practice.I'm unsure what you mean by"follow along with indicate" but try running a few fundamental defenses that have the MLB in a yellow zone. Just try covering that region with him. Pick any routes that come inside that zone and attempt to defend them. As you gain experience, you'll get a feel for if the zone to chase a path can be abandoned by you or how to bait the QB. Finally you'll be comfortable enough to use a safety and then it's possible to cover more area since they tend to be quicker and more nimble.

I understand EA will not do it but what would be the things you need in Madden 21

Hidden evaluations / scouting system. - I shouldn't get to know everything about commerce Target each FA or even my very own team. Unless you dedicate limited scouting to it would make Franchise harder, I really feel like hiding evaluations. You spend big. Or you do not realize you drafted a sleeper at around 5 till the starter gets hurt etc.I recall reading someplace that they can't utilize coordinators because of the coaches marriage or something. Well that is why they can't utilize Bill Belichick, so I'd be fine with a compromise in which they simply use coordinators that are fictional and faces.

It would be simple to simply create fake ones. Honestly, this seems that they couldn't do the Pro Bowl because a lot of helmets that are diverse would overload the machine. Until of course they put the Pro Bowl back in and that was not an issue anymore. My guess is they'll do the same with coordinators whenever they feel like doing this. Plus this time they could've just had the AFC do the exact same for the NFC pro bowl wise and have generic helmets using the AFC logo on these. It wouldn't be that difficult to add coordinators into Madden NFL, even if they are fictional. Examine the old madden games such as.

Aims which actually feel like it things... additionally bring the radio back from madden 05 andddd how about Madden NFL players morale actually matter so in case you've got a diva he's got to get touches or a trade and if you have a humbled Madden NFL player he can take less rolls in the event you are still winning.. Also the news paper ought to be different for each and every team with matters from social networking. I would also like when games are played they're more stat heavy with fresh replay / stat animations each single game to keep it fresh I think it's stupid when I trade for a celebrity Madden NFL player and no one talks about it buy Madden nfl 20 coins during the very first game played or when a star didn't receive a expansion or is asking for a trade just seems like no thickness.