Burraco Online rules

1. Preamble

Burraco Online is an online gaming platform that offers its members the opportunity to play Burraco and to get in touch with other people from around the world.

This Regulation sets of codes of conduct with the purpose to avoid abuse by individuals that they cause injury to other members of the community.

2. Registration

2.1 Access to the service is allowed only after registration that involves choosing a unique username (username) and a secret code used to identify the individual user and confirmationof your eMail address. The user has the ability to change their password using the appropriate sections of their own personal profile. The recognition of the users is donethrough the pair username and password and is therefore the user's responsibility to preserve the confidentiality of this information.

2.2 Any accidental loss of the password can be solved through the recovery process using your eMail address. It is therefore the user's responsibility to update their addresseMail from your personal profile in the event of a change of address.

2.3 The registration does not require the input of personal data. The systems however provide for the storage of data relating to navigation such as the IP address. Furthermore, the authentication mechanisminvolves the use of cookies.

2.4 The change of user name is only at the discretion of the Burraco Online staff.

2.5 Registration is not permitted for users under the age of 14 years.

2.6 The registration is valid indefinitely and ends only in the event of cancellation of the account by the user or for ouster from moderation staff.

2.7 You have the right to cancel your account yourself using the tools provided.

3. Facilities offered

3.1 Burraco Online offers its users the use of discussion boards. Access to some areas of the forum may be denied to some users. Usershave the ability to use without limits the discussion forum, while remaining within the codes of conduct described in this Regulation.

3.2 All registered users have the possibility to use the play areas, without restriction. Even for play areas users have to respect the rules of behavior of this Regulation.Some features of the play areas may not be accessible to all players.

3.3 Some services may require the presence of certain navigation software on users' computers.

4. Code of conduct

4.1 All members are required to conduct a civil and respectful of other members. They are therefore prohibited behaviors deliberately offensive, derogatory or discriminatory of anyform or genre in public areas, in private messages or chat.

4.2 is forbidden to criticize, disparage, mock and comment on the work of the moderators in public form. Any criticism of the staff of restraint shall be made in private.

4.3 Each user is allowed to use an avatar (picture that represents it), but it is forbidden to use symbols, text or other content that is offensive, derogatory or discriminatory in any form or genre.

4.4 It is prohibited any form of spam, so any form of unsolicited advertising, useless messages or anything deemed unsuitable by the moderation staff.

4.5 The users are required to write in correct English, without unnecessary words or abbreviations. However, never write with all uppercase characters. In general it is requested to follow the netiquette.

4.6 Any misconduct will be sanctioned with temporary exclusions from services (ban) or in cases with particularly serious repeat offenders or permanent exclusion (permaban). The exclusion is chargedof the person and not the user name.

5. Participation in the Games

5.1 Users have the ability to use the games offered by Burraco Online by following the principles of good faith. All behavior contrary will be sanctioned with temporary or permanent exclusion.

5.2 It is prohibited the use of systems to improve performance in games. The game has to be fun and have a connotation of loyalty.

Changes to this Regulation

By agreeing to these rules the user accepts all future changes that will be notified on the discussion forum, even without prior notice.