Recurring questions

How many cards does every player get?

In Burraco for 4 players, as in almost every other variant, every player will start with 11 cards and 11 cards are in every pot. Burraco for 3 players is an exception where every player starts with 11 cards, but the first put has 18 cards and the second 11 as usual.

At how many points does a game end?

There is no fixed rule. Usualli a match will and when a pair has more than 2000 points.

What happens when the cards run out?

When there are only 2 cards left in the stack the round ends immediately. So the players who draws the third last card plays as last. Points will be computed as usual and all players will get negative points.

How are points computed in Burraco?

You can find the points computation at the bottom of the Burraco for 4 players rules.

Can I drop a card that can be added to a game for a Burraco?

Yes, you can and it can be necessary when the last card in your hand will be a wildcard because you cannot end a match with a wildcard.

The other situation in that you cannot drop a card is when that card is the only one taken from the discard pile. You cannot immediately drop the only card picked from discard pile.