The rules and how to play Buraco in 2 players

Normally Burraco is played by 4 people, but it can happens only two players are available. No problem, there is also a version just 2 players!

The game does not differ much from the original version, so first take a loot to that version. Here we will only explain the differences between the two versions.


Obviously the two players will sit by facing each other. As in the normal version the dealer beat the cards, the second player will cut and the dealer will distribute 11 cards to both. Meanwhile, the second player form the two "pots" taking them from the bottom of the cards he took.

When the distribution of the cards and the formation of the pots are done the dealer will put the remaining cards over the other players remaining card and will forms the "stock". He draws the top card of the stock and the game begins.

Playing phase

At this point, the game proceeds as with 4 players.

At each turn the player decides whether to take a card from the stock or all those of the discard pile, he will try to create new runs and to tie card to his runs and finally close his turn by discarding a card.

When a player quits his hand, by discarding or on the fly, he got a pot and, when he quits again, the game and, but not before he had made at least one Burraco!


Scores will be computed the same way as with the classic version.

Differences in game strategies

Not having a companion to help makes the game in 2 much more tactical.

Putting runs on the ground has no utility, especially in the initial phase, and so players tends to make runs only when they decide to take the pot. At that point, the opponent can decide whether to create runs himself, to avoid to negative score all cards he has on his hand, or to take in account the risk and avoid to show which what he is collecting.

In addition, the game tends to have much more pace, because it is easier to keep track of the cards that are in game.